Lost In The World Teaser Trailer

"Our aim is to crowd fund this film through IndieGoGo and raise $50,000. We need your help, either through contributing to the film or spreading the word. We will also have reward packages for every contribution made. Our campaign will go live on the 5th of March and continue for two months until the 30th of April. The goal of the film is to motivate or inspire all women who have suffered loss or endured tough situations. To let them know that they aren’t alone or don’t need to cower away. Through struggle or heartbreak there is a glimmer of hope. Not necessarily to go on a killing spree but to find the strength to fight back however they can. We felt the hero in our story, Whitney, could embody the anger and need for vengeance for all woman affected by corrective rape." - Writer/Director Xolelwa Ollie Nhlabatsi

Shot in the course of an afternoon and edited over a day, this trailer was a proof of concept created for the film in order to garner attention from crowd funding platforms and potential investors.

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