Anything Can Happen - A Short Film Experience

A collection of very short films created for the dual role of advertising and entertainment.

"Anything Can Happen" is a campaign launched by Hand Drawn House Motion Pictures Ltd. to create a short film on a regular basis, almost daily, that tells a simple story in any genre while advertising the production services provided by the company. Each film was marketed as an InstaMovie, where it debuted on Instagram, Vimeo and Youtube.
Starring Xolelwa Ollie Nhlabatsi (
Direction, Cinematography, Editing and Sound Design - Brendan C. Campbell
Starring Francis Buseko Mubanga (
Direction, Cinematography, Editing, VFX and Sound Design - Brendan C. Campbell
Starring Waseem Saheb.
Sound and Assistance by Xolelwa Ollie Nhlabatsi
Direction, Cinematography and Editing by Brendan C. Campbell
Starring Kundai Kenji Murapa -
Shot, Edited & Directed by Brendan C. Campbell
Hand Drawn House Motion Pictures Ltd. has no affiliation to, nor am is supported by New Balance in any way.
Directed, Edited and Starring Brendan C. Campbell -
Camera Operation by Xolelwa 'Ollie' Nhlabatsi -
Cinematography by Brendan and Ollie
Music by the incomparable Akira Wing -

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