Into Infinity

Behind-The-Scenes from day one on our short film project, Into Infinity. Prepare to take the ultimate journey into the unknown...

The first official teaser trailer - 30/09/2016
As we gear up to launch our crowd-funding campaign, here's a brief title announcement tease...

Above: First Teaser banner for Into Infinity, 18 November 2015
A few years ago I had this crazy idea for a short film. It was born out of the quiet desperation to create something that could transcend the short film running time quota. Back then, I hated the format (in many ways I still do), because my mind is always geared toward structure within a feature running time - I felt like a feature was enough to create a sense of purpose, an event for the audience to appreciate and genuinely feel something about. Short films were just a fragment of that vision to me, it seemed that all I could do with a short film was tell a fragment of the story I wanted to, it seemed frivolous, it wasn't for me. So in devising a way to create something big enough for my own imagination, but within the confines of a short story, I bounced a few ideas around until I had somewhat of a revelation... I was going to take some pretty controversial subject matter, something truly larger than life (itself) and take my characters (and the audience) on a journey to a place they'd never be able to comprehend. For years, the notion was incredibly unrealistic. I'd try to convince myself that this was too big for a short film, so I shelved it and continued trying new ideas and new avenues, even producing some work with my peers along the way. That was until 2015 rolled over to it's fourth quarter and I was in the midst of another short film script when I revisited my notes for Into Infinity. There it was. Staring me in the face like some wild creature ready to pounce from the undergrowth, I came to the realization that this project echoed my own existence, a metaphor for fighting for your own dreams and beliefs. I began to write... And I wrote... And wrote... And within a few hours, the first draft was done. Then the second. And the third, and so on. The story exploded out of me faster than my fingers could negotiate around the keyboard. Thus, Into Infinity was born, an idea bigger than the pages that held it, and for the first time (despite everything on this being a complete secret from the outside world), I was willing to publish my behind-the-scenes experience as a young, independent filmmaker to the world to see. I hope that the world sees the purity in the passion that goes into a project such as this, especially since everyone really only ever makes short films with the budget in their own bank account, but above all I hope that everyone who sees this is truly entertained, and feels the cinematic experience that I want to feel every time I sit down for a great movie.
- B. C. Campbell
  27 November 2015
Above: First Teaser poster for Into Infinity, 21 March 2016
Above: Three banners from the teaser campaign for Into Infinity, 21 March 2016
In designing the posters for the teaser stage of pre-production, I wanted to pay homage to the science-fiction and fantasy adventures of the 1980s since they delivered a kind of enigmatic magic and nostalgia about them, like there was still some undiscovered mystery left to find, but it needed a natural contemporary edge - not to mention the fact that the audience still has no idea what the film is going to be about until the first trailer is released after we roll on it, so this is a great time to get the imagination going and have some fun. I particularly enjoyed designing the third and last banner, I'm a big fan of mondo.
- B.C. Campbell
21 March 2016

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